Progenra, Inc.

Dedicated to finding new medicines for a variety of diseases by targeting the ubiquitin pathway, a critical mechanism of cellular regulation. Using our UbiPro™ Discovery Platform we have identified selective inhibitors of critical ubiquitin pathway enzymes associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases. This technology and multiple selective compounds are available for licensing. 

Novel Science

Progenra’s goal is to discover novel drugs targeting the ubiquitin pathway using their proprietary technology.


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Business Development

Progenra is seeking industry partnerships for licensing opportunities surrounding the company’s small molecule portfolio and/or its proprietary UbiPro™ Drug Discovery Platform.

Progenra Headlines

Date: 08.15.14

Eminent immuno-oncologist, Dr. Wayne Hancock, joins Progenra Inc's Scientific Advisory Board

Progenra, Inc. announced today that Dr. Wayne Hanock, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has joined their Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Hancock is a world-renowned expert in immunology, inflammation, and mechanisms of disease pathologies, and his addition to the board will add strength to Progenra's immuno-oncology drug development program. He has served as an expert consultant and collaborator and in these capacities has helped to expand Progenra's compound pipeline. As an advisor, Dr. Hancock will guide Progenra's immuno-oncology program and help to commercialize novel medicines targeting ubiquitin related enzymes.

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